Aluminum UBC Scrap for sale

Priority aluminum UBC scrap sales, HKS scrap has been in the field of approximately 15 years of experience and strength and serving in many areas in the market will be obvious as the oldest UBC scrap suppliers in the market and as the only company with the title of the price guarantee.

Also, we stand as the pioneer of aluminum scrap suppliers in a large area, and at the same time, we process and re-add it to our country by distributing scraps of aluminum that will be wasted and re-enter the market by subjecting to transactions, again and again, we offer it to the factory and usage areas again. Aluminum scrap is processed and recycled again to become the first raw material from both factories and other industries, this aluminum scrap from those who sell it provides a profit. Thus, both the recycling sector is winning, our beautiful country is winning, and these aluminum scraps, which are gained by converting again, are being used again. It should also be considered that this is a very large waste is prevented.

How aluminum scrap prices are determined

Aluminum scrap prices are created by us as a priority daily stock exchange. In other words, aluminum scrap prices are determined by an institution in the name of an unfair and irregular aluminum scrap price that should not be created as daily gold prices. Thus, no scrap company can determine these prices irregularly.

As a former scrap dealer, we offer all of these aluminum scraps daily at current prices, as well as our guarantee of creating the best price by coming to your door with a phone and evaluating the recycling heat treatments subjected to rules and disciplined re-use areas.

Which scrap varieties are taken

Company Name HKs Scraps 
Product NameAluminum scrap UBC
Port of departuremersin
Payment TermTo be discussed
ApplicationsIt mainly used for drawing back non-ferrous

metal typical material is: Wasted copper,

aluminum, cable, aluminum stuff, wasted auto spare part,

non-ferrous metal scrap, dross for printing, broken glass

contains non-ferroous, electronic waste etc.

Advantage1. What are our strengths?

High-quality products, low prices, We have specialized

in metal products more 20 years.

Factory manufacture and direct sales
Competitive price and quality guaranteed
Different specifications (purity and particle size and more)

of the product can be selected. Delivery on time.

2. Do you have the products in stock?
Yes, we always keep more than 10T of standard version in stock,

so that you can receive the samples in a very short time.

Mian productsThe main products are :

aluminum bar,zinc ingot, lead ingot, copper wire scrap,

cobalt metal, nickel metal and so on. The products are

applied mainly in automobile, high-speed rail, electrical

aerospace, shipping, military industry etc.

– Aluminum manufacturing waste: aluminum scrap is recycled for the evaluation of small parts that are not used during the work done in aluminum manufacturing.,

– Scrap offset printing press aluminum die,

– Aluminum profile unpainted,

– Aluminum sawdust,

– Aluminum Alicoband Composite scrap,

– Hard aluminum scrap,

– Scrap Aluminum Rim Prices,

– Soft aluminum scrap,

– Detachable Aluminum Scrap Piston,

– Aluminum beverage Coke can,

– Honeycomb with aluminum copper,

– Aluminum overhead wire scrap.

Everything we can say above and aluminum can be included in the scrap. For all the scrap you want to sell, please remember that we support you 24/7 and we come to your door with a phone call to save you from any kind of pain that may be troublesome and we definitely guarantee the best price for all your scrap.